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Pet Turf

Show Your Pets How Much You Love Them!

At Shawgrass, our pets are a big part of our family, and if you love your pets like we do, you’ll want to give them the very best. Let Shawgrass create a custom outdoor space with our safe and durable Pet Turf. Shawgrass will keep your animals safe with no need for harmful pesticides or fertilizers, and when they need to go, our no-mess surface is easy to clean and maintain.

Less Work, More Cleanliness and Safety

SAFE: Our turf can help create a safe environment for pets to live comfortably with no harmful pesticides and fertilizers. 

CLEAN: Your pets won’t be tracking in dirt or bringing in fleas. Our new flow-through drainage system allows liquids to pass directly through the turf backing, reducing odor and eliminating the concern for puddles and clean-up.

MAINTENANCE: Shawgrass can help save time on maintenance. With no holes to fill or brown patches to repair, your pet’s space will stay green all year long. 

ODOR REDUCTION: Reduce the evidence of potty breaks. Our K9 sand infill reduces odor in pet applications with it’s smooth and consistent grain structure.

DURABLE: Shawgrass Pet Turf is durable, and the only thing your pets may not like is that they won’t be able to dig in their favorite spot. 

Designed With Livability In Mind

Our 5 paw rating means your pets get the very best. All six of the metrics outlined below contribute to the 5 paw rating giving outstanding qualities that pet owners care about.




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As seen in the map below, you can find a Shawgrass dealer anywhere in North America. Just enter your zip or postal code to find out who represents your area.

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