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Pet Turf

Why Shawgrass For Pet Turf

Synthetic grass for dogs is one of our favorites. Here’s why:

Safe. Clean. Low-Maintenance. Cool. Durable.

It’s safe. Our fake grass for dogs can help create a safe and healthy environment for pets to live comfortably. It’s clean. Shawgrass makes a safe environment but also a clean environment. Your pets won’t be able to track in dirt or bring in fleas. Maintenance is easy. Shawgrass can help save time on maintenance. The surface is easy to clean for pet owners. HydroChill® keeps it cool. We typically worry about our dogs in the summertime when it gets too warm outside. Our HydroChill® can cool surfaces up to 50 degrees, allowing pets to safely take in direct sunlight in the yard in the middle of summer. Shawgrass is incredibly durable. Shawgrass artificial grass for dogs is durable, and pets can’t dig in their favorite spot.


What Is HydroChill®?

As the synthetic lawn surface is heated by the sun, moisture stored in the HydroChill® sand infill is released. Evaporating moisture removes heat, leaving a cool, more comfortable surface for families and pets.

  • HydroChill® is the singular synthetic turf cooling system shown to cool 30°-50°F. HydroChill® was tested in a laboratory and in real-world applications for over six years.
  • The HydroChill® technology is a pre-coated material, so it comes already bonded to the sand infill. After it’s installed, the only thing you have to do is hydrate it to activate it.
  • HydroChill® necessitates moisture to provide a long-lasting cooling effect. Rainfall and irrigation will help keep your lawn cool for days, depending on local conditions.
  • HydroChill® will not affect the durability or warranty of Shawgrass products.

There are also all-natural and pet-specific infills you can get to fully customize your pet turf area to meet your needs. No one-size-fits-all options here, our team of professionals will walk you through the process to make sure you get the very best results from your dog-friendly artificial grass project.


Take a look at our favorite pet turf.

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