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Commercial Turf

Shawgrass offers a game-changing solution to elevate your commercial space. Say goodbye to the headaches of maintaining natural grass and welcome a lush, realistic, and inviting atmosphere that will impress visitors and clients alike.

The Science Behind Shawgrass

Our commitment to excellence begins with cutting-edge research conducted in our world-class development and research lab facility. The same dedicated researchers who create top-quality playing surfaces for Shaw Sports Turf drive the development of Shawgrass solutions.

We operate the largest and most dynamic research lab dedicated to artificial grass globally. Our rigorous testing protocols and procedures surpass those of the most stringent independent labs, ensuring that we deliver the most visually pleasing and best-performing turf solutions worldwide.

Why Shawgrass is the Best Choice for Your Commercial Space

Durable & Dependable

Our synthetic turf is designed to handle heavy foot traffic, making it ideal for various commercial applications. From shopping complexes to recreational areas, Shawgrass stands up to the challenge.

Stay Cool with HydroChill®

Don't let scorching summer heat deter customers or discomfort your employees. Our HydroChill® technology controls the temperature, ensuring a pleasant environment for people and pets.

Slash Maintenance Costs

Traditional landscaping comes with ongoing expenses that can be a drain on your resources. With Shawgrass synthetic turf, you'll significantly reduce maintenance costs and free up your budget for more critical business needs.

Unmatched Testing & Development

At Shawgrass, we subject all our turf to a minimum of 450 quality and performance tests to guarantee a world-class landscape or recreational surface. Our vertically integrated approach provides:

  • Flexibility and control of the supply chain to meet customer needs
  • ​Cost control and sustainability
  • Consistency in materials' strength
  • Timely construction and delivery schedules
  • Single source accountability
  • Service & Distribution Nationwide

We offer comprehensive service and nationwide distribution:

  • Local representatives for on-site assistance
  • 44 local and regional distribution facilities
  • 7.5 million square feet of warehouse space
  • A large private trucking fleet serving storefronts across the country
  • 95% of orders ship in less than 36 hours
  • A dedicated customer call center
  • An online customer portal for your convenience


Discover ShawNow

Our premier online customer portal simplifies your Shawgrass experience with the following:

  • Effortless order placement
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Convenient online bill payment
  • Instant access to inventory status
  • Endless possibilities with Shawgrass

Our synthetic grass solutions are ideal for:

  • Playgrounds
  • Senior living areas
  • Hospitality rooftops
  • Municipalities
  • And more



Explore Our Commercial Turf Options

Unlock the potential of your commercial space with our sustainable and versatile turf solutions.

Find a Dealer

As seen in the map below, you can find a Shawgrass dealer anywhere in North America. Just enter your zip or postal code to find out who represents your area.

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