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Now you can live on what they play on!

Retain the home-field advantage on your own property. From the same artificial turf retailers that source the turf for the Texas Rangers, the Miami Marlins, the Arizona Diamondbacks and more, Shawgrass offers artificial grass landscape solutions for your home or business.

Shawgrass products are designed and developed by the same research and development team that is responsible for the world-class athletic fields created by Shaw Sports Turf. Shawgrass products are designed to provide the look of natural grass and the performance characteristics that deliver extreme durability. Shawgrass products are also cooler, thanks to innovative technology like HydroChill, designed to keep you comfortable, even in extreme heat.

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As seen in the map below, you can find a Shawgrass dealer anywhere in North America. Just enter your zip or postal code to find out who represents your area.

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