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Top Artificial Turf Installation Questions for Your Installer

Artificial grass popularity has exploded in recent years, and more companies are entering the market to sell and install these products. So, as you’re shopping around, how do you know which one to choose? Ask as many questions as you can. There are two elements of consideration:

One: what to ask while shopping around. 

Two: what to ask about installation and maintenance. 

But before we get started, let’s go over some basic turf lingo you should know first.

Basic Artificial Turf Terminology

Backing Weight

The backing weight is what holds everything together. Back weight is the total weight of the primary backing and secondary coating per square yard of the artificial turf. 

Fiber Weight

Fiber weight refers to how much yarn is used per square yard of turf. The higher the face weight, the longer and/or more dense the artificial turf’s grass will be.

Total Weight

The total weight is the combined face weight and backing weight value. It’s imperative to know this term because each artificial turf product is marketed differently from company to company.


The yard is the “face” of the grass. This is what changes based on what colors and length you want. Each yarn type has unique properties for specific uses.


The infill is what keeps the synthetic grass blades upright, protects the backing from damage caused by UV rays, and gives that lush, supported and more realistic feel.

Pile Height

The pile height refers to the length of the grass blades. Pile height is what makes your artificial lawn look real.


What to Ask Before Purchasing

Now that you know some of the most basic artificial turf terminologies, let’s dig into the questions you should ask a synthetic grass company before purchasing.

1. How does your artificial grass compare to other products?

Consider questions that will allow the prospective turf company to describe its products. Questions like: 

  • How “real” does it look? 

  • What are its key performance characteristics?

  • Is it the right choice for kids and/or pets? 

  • What kind of warranty do you provide?

2. How many choices do you offer?

Not all fake grass is manufactured the same. The product you want for your backyard is not necessarily the same type you would choose for a play area, though there are options and ways to accommodate both. 

  • Can you send me samples?

  • What color is most popular?

  • What turf choices are recommended for my application?

3. What type of turf is best for my needs?

There are many different types of artificial turf for different applications. Remember to ask what fake grass type will be best for you.

  • How long of a pile height should I choose for my application?

  • What kind of infill would you use?

  • Can you put synthetic turf on a sloped or varied landscape?

4. Is your artificial grass dog-friendly?

Your dog won’t be able to dig through top-quality turf. But, your dog does consider the outdoors to be their bathroom. Not all backing/drainage systems are designed for this, so ask things like:

  • Is the fake grass the right choice for installations with pets?

  • How does the urine drain?

  • How do I clean areas where solid waste was?

5. How much will it cost?

This is one of the most common installation questions we get. Because every turf installed is a custom project, the final cost will depend on many factors. Having a professional come to your property for an estimate is the best way to understand the investment, but you can check out our cost analysis sheet for a general idea. 


Artificial Turf Installation Questions

Now that you know a bit more about artificial grass and have found the company you may want to install it, here are some of the most important installation questions to ask.


1. What is the timeline for the installation?

Because every project is different, each will have a different timeline for when the turf will be ready to use. Artificial turf installation frustrations should be minimal when you use a reputable installer. This is one project you definitely do not want to do yourself.

2. Who will install my turf?

Be wary of places that don’t specialize in artificial turf installation. Because it is a complex process, it requires meticulous workmanship to make sure your grass will look good for years to come. At Shawgrass, we use a reputable network of dealers to install your artificial turf so we can have confidence in the quality of your installation.

3. What’s the warranty/lifespan on my grass?

Be wary of places that offer a short warranty. Since no turf is created the same, you should consider your warranty terms. Ask if there are any specific precautions you need to take to avoid having accidents that wouldn’t be covered. 

4. How do I clean my grass?

Maintaining artificial grass is a lot less work than keeping a natural lawn, but there is still some routine maintenance you will need to keep in mind. Ask your installer how to clean and groom based on activity (removing leaves/debris, accidental spills, dealing with pet waste, redistribute infill etc.).

Ask Us Your Questions

At Shawgrass, we pride ourselves on our quality and workmanship. Because our products are made in the USA, we can keep costs down and extend better products at a lower price to our customers. We invest in research and development to bring the best innovation to the synthetic turf market.

If you’re ready to see what Shawgrass can do for you, contact us today for a consult!



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