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BY Shawgrass

K9 Sand: The Perfect Solution!


Our new K9 Pet Turf and K9 Sand is the perfect solution for your pet artificial turf. K9 Sand is the most environmentally safe and friendly turf infill on the market. Additionally, K9 Sand has unique qualities that make it a perfect infill solution for artificial turf used by dogs and cat. First, K9 Sand reduces the smell of urine. The smell from urine comes from the volatilization of ammonia in urine. K9 Sand reduces the smell of urine by preventing the hydrolysis of ammonia in urine. Additionally, K9 Sand reduces the growth of bacteria similarly to other turf infills with anti-microbial additives. K9 Sand does all this with nothing added to it or coated – it is simply extracted from the ocean, cleaned off and sent to your door. As such, K9 Sand is 100% natural. Our new Flow-Through Drainage System, found exclusively on our K9 Pet Turf provide superior drainage. Drainage of rain, water, and pet urine via the multitude of microscopic voids in the Flow-Through Drainage System deters liquid from collecting on top of the backing, promoting a tidy turf surface 24/7.
Pets are indiscriminate eaters, so it’s important that the infill in the artificial turf they use is non-toxic in case of accidental ingestion. K9 Sand is non-toxic, contains no heavy metals, and no plastics. On an elemental level, K9 Sand is a calcium-carbonate, which is found in dietary supplements for pets and humans alike.
Turf can get hot, especially in the summer months when the energy from the sun is most intense. K9 Sand can also help to keep the surface temperature of turf cool. Each grain of K9 Sand contains micro-pores which trap water. Water trapped in micro-pores are then released as surface temperature increases providing evaporative cooling and approximately 20°F cooler temperatures than standard turf infill, providing a cool surface for paws and feet alike.The properties of Shawgrass K9 Pet Turf and K9 Sand are perfectly crafted to offer an optimized artificial turf solution for your pets. 

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