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Landscaping Trend: What is Outside Hygge?

Ever heard of the word “hygge?” Pronounced “hoo-ga,” this Danish word has gained immense popularity in the U.S. since 2016. It was even shortlisted as Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year. Hygge is a noun defined as a quality of coziness and comfort. The Danes see hygge as a cultural way of life, and Americans are catching on to this “lifestyle trend” for good reason.

Think of outside hygge as the Feng Shui of 2018. Whereas Feng Shui was all about using energy forces to create harmony in your home, outside hygge is much simpler.

Outside hygge is all about creating a casual atmosphere where people can simply be comfortable. The focus is on creating an inviting space that harnesses the feeling of well-being. It’s about making your outdoor space somewhere you and your guests want to be! Here are ways to achieve this trend:


Perhaps lighting is the most important concept of hygge. Think warm lighting that is cozy and inviting and not super modern bright white lamps. Lanterns, the warm glow of a fireplace, and lots of candles are ideal.

If you don’t have an outdoor fireplace, think of adding an outdoor fire pit. Additionally, hanging paper lanterns and setting out small outdoor table lamps can create an excellent feeling of outdoor hygge. Tiki torches placed around the perimeter of your yard can serve a dual-purpose of keeping bugs out and the feeling of hygge in.


Martha Stewart Magazine named outside hygge a trending landscaping design of 2017, highlighting the popularity of “quaint patio areas, outdoor fireplaces, and cozy gathering spaces.” When thinking of how to set up your outdoor space, the cozier the better. Comfy seating, fluffy pillows, small tables to set drinks. It’s all about creating a space intentionally designed for comfort.

Think of all of the things you’d like to do in your outdoor space: entertaining, grilling, having drinks, playing games. Outdoor hygge is not about fancy, high-tech appliances; it’s more about enjoying the nostalgic smell of a charcoal grill or the simple pleasures of a warm drink on a cool night. The way you set up your space should focus on what makes you happy, not on what impresses the neighbors.

Natural Elements

In Danish culture, hygge is associated with natural elements like wood and metal. You can achieve this look by incorporating these design elements:

  • Outdoor rugs made of cotton or faux animal skin (a popular choice for the Danes)
  • Copper or stainless steel lanterns
  • Natural wood tables/chairs
  • Potted plants or greenery

And don’t be afraid to venture out. If you have a patio area to decorate, that’s great, but don’t forget the rest of your lawn. Think of ways to bring comfort to the rest of your outdoor space that are unique to you and your home.

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