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How to Control Your Landscaping Budget with Artificial Turf

A perfectly polished lawn can make you the envy of your neighborhood, but there’s a catch. You may end up having to spend hundreds of dollars each month to keep up and maintain your “perfect” lawn. Whether you hire a lawn service or take a DIY approach, lawn maintenance is both time-consuming and pricey. Synthetic turf offers an alternative, cost-effective solution to standard lawn maintenance.

The Real Costs

Lawn maintenance requires much more than simply mowing the lawn. In fact, several extensive steps are involved in the process.  Achieving a well-manicured lawn requires weeding, aeration, fertilization, seeding, and watering. Each of these steps is costly, and before you know it, they easily add up. On average, basic lawn care services (mowing, trimming, etc.) range from $30 – $80 per visit. And this often does not include the cost of more thorough work like weeding- which may range $50-$100 per visit. Unfortunately, these services have to be repeated to maintain a healthy lawn; the average lawn needs to be weeded six to nine times each year.

In the long run, the expenses of repeated lawn care services truly pile up. Even if you choose to upkeep your own lawn, you still have to purchase the tools and materials necessary for regular maintenance. The upkeep for a “perfect” lawn is an ongoing routine and a frustrating chore. Regardless of cost, DIY lawn maintenance takes up precious free time and energy. Instead of enjoying our lawns, we spend countless hours and hard-earned cash just to keep them looking presentable.

Cut costs, save time 

If you, like many others, are sick of budgeting thousands each year toward lawn maintenance, there is an easy and reasonable solution. Switching from natural grass to synthetic turf will allow you to spend your hard-earned money elsewhere, and control your landscaping budget. In fact, those who installed synthetic turf paid 25% less, on average, for maintenance compared to those who did not. Additionally, homeowners who swapped to synthetic turf also boast decreased water bills. Maintaining a lawn makes up a large portion of a household’s water consumption, and studies show that thousands of gallons of water are conserved each year when switching to synthetic turf.

Let’s face it: when budgeting, no one really wants to put aside thousands of dollars year after year just for lawn upkeep. Switching to synthetic turf is a simple and effective way to control your landscaping budget. Installing synthetic turf is an investment with a great payoff. After installation, upkeep of synthetic turf is straightforward and economical. Say goodbye to weeding, seeding, and lawn upkeep forever. Your neighbors will envy both your lawn and the money you’ll be saving on basic lawn maintenance costs.

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