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BY Shawgrass

How Synthetic Turf can Protect your Pets and Home from Common Troubles

We all love our pets, but most of us could do without the muddy paws running through our homes, the flea infestations, or pee-stained yards.

So how can we let our pets enjoy the backyard without these problems? By replacing your natural grass lawn with synthetic turf.

A synthetic turf lawn can help keep your home and yard cleaner, but it can also protect your pets from a myriad of outdoor dangers.

Protection from parasites

Most dogs and cats contract fleas from their environment rather than other pets, so the environment where they spend most of their time matters. Fleas can cause serious health complications for your pets, like tapeworm, that can even spread to humans.

Most pet owners control and prevent flea infestations with medication, but wouldn’t it be nice to have to worry less about the problem altogether? With a synthetic grass lawn, fleas and ticks cannot survive in the blades of grass and there is no soil in which to nest.

Prevent overheating

Not only can you hose down synthetic turf to cool it for pets, you can also choose a product specifically designed to cool, like the turf offered by Shawgrass featuring HydroChill. This product can cool surfaces up to 50 degrees. Overheating and heat exhaustion are real concerns for pet owners, but a synthetic turf lawn can help to keep pets cool and happy through the warmest of months.

No pesticides and fertilizers

Pesticides and fertilizers are dangerous for both pets and humans. Pets can come into contact with these toxic chemicals through their eyes, nose, mouth, paws, or skin, causing life-threatening conditions. Thankfully, there’s no need to prevent pests or fertilize a synthetic turf lawn so no need to use these harmful chemicals, leaving one less danger for you to worry about.

Keeps pets clean

Without the mud and mess of a natural grass lawn, you may find yourself needing to bathe your pet less often. And when your pet needs to go to the bathroom, they can simply go in the yard as they would on natural grass since a synthetic turf lawn is designed to drain efficiently and even reduce odors. It’s much easier to keep a synthetic lawn clean, keeping your pet cleaner. Just hose down the turf when it needs a cleaning!

Avoids costly vet bills

Dogs and cats are curious creatures and get to know the world by sniffing and eating. In a natural grass lawn, this can translate to dangerous scenarios. For example, if a pet ingests a poisonous mushroom, they may experience a range of symptoms from vomiting to organ failure that requires a trip to the vet. There are also a number of dangerous plants that can cause harm to pets if ingested, like the very common daffodil. A synthetic turf lawn can put your mind at ease that your pet isn’t in the backyard chewing on something growing from the yard that could potentially harm them.

Shawgrass offers commercial, residential, pet and recreational turf with the world-class innovation you have come to know from Shaw. Shawgrass products are designed to provide the look of natural grass and the performance characteristics that deliver extreme durability. Learn more at!

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