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Fore! Tips to Improve your Golf Game at Home with a Synthetic Turf Lawn

Improving your golf game doesn’t require expensive lessons or a trip to the driving range. When you have a synthetic turf green in your own backyard, you don’t need to spend extra time and money to practice your golf game. Many skills can be honed right at home.

A synthetic turf green can make you a better player since you’re likely to put in more practice time. Turf is also easy to maintain since there’s no maintenance required. You can freely use your turf without the worry of wearing out your lawn, and synthetic turf will also ensure more consistent ball movement.

Here are some ways to improve your golf game at home on your own synthetic turf green.

Put time into putting

Did you know that more than one-third of a golfer’s score comes from putts? However, many golfers invest more of their time hitting balls at the driving range, neglecting the importance of putting. Experts suggest spending a large amount of time practicing putting from 6 feet and in. You should also have a putting routine to maintain consistency.

To practice putting on your own green, try lining up 10 balls a foot apart in a straight line from the hole. Putt the one closest to the hole first and move your way back until all 10 have been holed. If one is missed, start over.

Perfect Chipping

If you want a lower score, it’s time to rethink your chipping game. Chipping is a skill that can make or break your golf game. We may not all be the best long drivers, but with practice, a good short game is achievable for almost anyone willing to put in the time.

Good chipping lies in the correct point of entry and square impact. Locate the “point of the entry” by ensuring that the leading edge pinches closely between the ball and blades of grass. To make sure you’re hitting that leading edge with square impact, press forward slightly into the target and keep hands tightly gripped around your club. Keep the clubface square to the line of the target, and remember that unlike putting strokes, you need to slightly hinge your wrist.

Work on mental focus

Golf is a highly strategic sport that requires a sense of mental focus. Use the peace and quiet of your own backyard to work on the mental aspect of your golf game.

For example, when you’re at home in the quiet of your own backyard, improve your putt game by mentally visualizing the ideal route of the ball from its position to the hole rather than analyzing potential trajectory starting from the hole backwards to the ball stance. By visualizing the line between the hole and the ball, you’ll be able to execute a more precise shot.

With Shawgrass golf systems, golfers can work on every aspect of their game from tee to green. Shawgrass offers a complete line of golf systems designed to look and perform just like the real thing.

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