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Your Ultimate Playground Turf Solution

At Shawgrass, we understand the importance of exercise and play in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Whether it's children joyfully playing on a vibrant playground or grown-ups honing their skills in their favorite sports, the essence of play is something we all cherish. Our innovative solutions empower you to enjoy more opportunities for recreation while reducing the time and effort required for turf maintenance.

We're here to redefine your outdoor experience, combining scientific innovation with practicality to create the perfect environment for fun, safety, and accessibility. From batting cages to playground turf, we design solutions to keep your play area looking green all year. Forget the hassle of watering, fertilizing, and up-keeping, and focus on what actually matters — enjoying your recreational activities.


Safety Takes Center Stage

Our top priority is the safety of our play spaces, especially for children. We have developed a line of artificial turf specifically designed for playgrounds. Commercial playgrounds, such as public parks and school play areas, endure heavy foot traffic that can accelerate wear and tear on synthetic turf.

Our artificial grass for playgrounds is crafted to thrive in high-use play areas, offering exceptional resilience and an impressive return on investment. Shawgrass recreational turf proudly holds certifications from the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA) and complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility standards. Our unique turf system, complete with specially engineered padding, seamlessly integrates with our HydroChill® cooling product, delivering safety and comfort solutions that stand unmatched in the industry.

Our patented technology, HydroChill®, has been rigorously tested in both laboratory and real-world settings. This precoat, applied to the sand infill, activates upon moisture exposure and can provide substantial cooling for extended periods, depending on local conditions. HydroChill® stores moisture and gradually releases it through evaporative cooling as the synthetic turf surface absorbs sunlight. This process mirrors the body's thermoregulation mechanism, employing evaporation to remove heat and provide a cooler, more comfortable surface for families and pets. 

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