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Spruce Up for Spring

Springtime is the best time to spruce up your home, both inside and out; but if the thought of sprucing up your yard makes you cringe, you’re not alone. Believe it or not, there are ways to improve your outdoor space that doesn’t require a lot of time or maintenance. You don’t have to be a gardener or know much about plants to embrace these springtime spruce-up tips.

If you’re ready to embrace the warmer weather but your outdoor living space is not, here are some simple and easy ideas:

#1: Mulch

Mulch is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to add contrast to your lawn. It can be used in a variety of ways,and it’s not another thing you have to water and fertilize. You can choose the color and texture to match your lawn, and it’s going to be something that keeps its look year-round.

Mulch is also incredibly easy to lay: just pour it out where you want it, spread it neatly, and you’re done. Mulch can be used to surround shrubbery or plants, or even around kids play areas where grass would not grow or be frequently damaged.

#2: Shrubs

Shrubs are typically heartier and easier to maintain than flower gardens, making them the perfect addition for a springtime spruce-up.  There are a variety of shrubs available, depending on your climate and level of effort you want to exert when it comes to pruning them back and shaping. Shrubs can be planted to add some privacy to a front or backyard, to create “breaks” within your outdoor space, or as a nice landscaping element.

#3: Brick/Stone

Adding in some stepping stones or using bricks to create landscape design is an easy way to create some contrast and increase the utility of your outdoor space. These additions are also ideal for areas of your lawn where grass may not grow easily.

Brick can also be used as a landscaping element to break up various divisions of a yard. For example, adding a ring of bricks around trees or along the edges of shrubs is an easy way to add some contrast and aesthetic appeal to a typically mundane area.

#4: Fire or water

What’s better than a cool spring evening spent around a fire pit? Fire pits are popular additions because they are easy to place and little trouble to maintain. There are many options from brick to stone and everything in between.

If a fire pit doesn’t work in your backyard, consider adding some water features. You can purchase self-contained water fountains or rock waterfalls, or you can create your own waterfall using natural stone from your own backyard. As a rule, avoid using more than three elements in one area. Whether a small pond, fountain or stream, the peaceful appeal of water is hard to beat.

#5: Synthetic Grass

This is the ultimate no-hassle idea. Installing synthetic grass, either your entire lawn or just a few areas for landscaping appeal is a great way to get that springtime look of a lush, green lawn without the required maintenance of fertilizing, watering, cutting, and weeding. It’s also easy to personalize synthetic grass to fit your existing lawn or surroundings with a variety of cuts and colors to choose from.

Additionally, synthetic grass will stay cool well into the warmer months and will keep its look year-round. From spring sports to summer celebrations, a synthetic grass lawn will hold up without the need for meticulous watering, fertilizing, or trimming. When spring rolls around next season, your lawn will be springtime ready.

Shawgrass offers commercial, residential, pet and recreational turf with the world-class innovation you have come to know from Shaw. Shawgrass products are designed to provide the look of natural grass and the performance characteristics that deliver extreme durability.

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