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BY Shawgrass

Best Backyard Games for an Artificial Turf Lawn

Artificial turf is safer and more resilient than natural grass, but with the same look and feel as the real stuff, making it the ultimate playing surface for any number of backyard games.

Water Games

When you don’t have to worry about the mess of wet grass or the damage done to a lawn, you can enjoy water games to their fullest.

  • Run through the sprinkler without getting dirt and grass stuck to your legs, and tracked in your house. Kids can slip and slide and run without the mess, and you can enjoy the game knowing your lawn won’t be affected.
  • Have a water balloon fight with kids and adults! Load up a few buckets of water balloons and pull them out for a serious battle. Add some water guns for extra fun. Artificial turf won’t get muddy like natural grass.

Competitive Ball Games

Playing on turf is a thrilling way to enjoy your favorite competitive ball games. Artificial turf provides a softer, more resilient surface that affects the way a ball bounces and pace by which a ball travels.

  • What’s better than a friendly game of kickball? It’s a game that’s great for all ages, and it’s easy to play. Just grab a playground ball and set up three bases plus a home plate. Use a hula hoop for home plate and mark the bases with special paint designed for artificial turf.
  • Flag Football is a classic backyard game made better when played on the cool surface of artificial turf. The shock-absorbent quality of turf and even playing surface make it a safer surface, and no need to worry about the weather impacting your game.
  • For a truly unique competitive game, try backyard bowling with giant inflatable bowling pins. The uniform, smooth surface of artificial turf makes backyard bowling a safe and fun game for all ages.

Games of Strategy

Get your head in the game with these fun and challenging backyard games. With the versatile surface of artificial turf, the possibilities are endless.

  • Use specially designed paints for artificial turf to create your very own Twister board right on your lawn, no mat needed.
  • Giant Lawn Scrabble is a fun game easily played on the even surface on turf. All you’ll need are cardboard squares/wood plaques and some markers/paint pens to turn your artificial turf lawn into a giant Scrabble Board. Cut 100 7”x7” tiles (two for the blank tiles) and draw on the letters, or for a more polished look use stencils.
  • DIY Outdoor Jenga is an entertaining game for all members of the family. To make your own, you’ll need enough 2×4’s to make 54 10.5” long pieces. Decorate as desired, and stack them up in a competitive game of Jenga.

Games for Kids

Artificial turf is especially ideal for children’s games as it’s safer and doesn’t cause the same skin irritation/allergies as natural grass.

  • Paint a large square and divide into four corners for a game of outdoor Four Square. The squares can be painted right on the turf. Just get a playground ball for a competitive game of Four Square.
  • Tag is a traditional game enjoyed by kids of all ages. With artificial turf, the softer surface is ideal for slips and falls. For a twist, take your tag game into the night with flashlight tag.
  • To set up your own backyard obstacle course, grab a few pool noodles, cones, hula hoops, and jump ropes. For older kids, create balance beams with wooden planks, set out a few tires for a challenging task, or string a few yards of rope between two trees for an exciting obstacle.

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