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Artificial Turf as Home D├ęcor

Just as houseplants can add freshness and beauty to a home, artificial turf can do the same (just without the necessary maintenance!). While many people may associate artificial turf with golf courses or sports fields, artificial turf can be an incredibly versatile and easy to use design element that can be used in and around the home.

Off the Wall

Using artificial turf as a wall treatment is a growing trend that can be seen in both homes and businesses. Artificial turf can be used to create a unique accent wall, as “wallpaper,” or simply as a design element to add some texture.

One hair salon based in Kennesaw, Georgia embraced the trend, covering a portion of their salon wall with artificial turf to create a backdrop for a large metal wall clock. The contrast of the plush green turf against the natural wood walls and metal clock make for a striking image.

Photo courtesy of Olive and Bloom Studio

A Flare for Flooring

Laying rugs made of artificial turf might sound a little crazy, but it, in fact, creates a bright pop color and uniqueness. Ideal for rooms with a lot of sunlight like a sunroom or covered porch area, artificial turf rugs are versatile and fun. They are also great for indoor or outdoor areas and easier to clean than traditional rugs (just hose them off!).

If you’re looking to make a bold statement with a modern, clean design, this trend might be the one for you.

Image via Pinterest

For the Dogs

Some indoor uses for artificial turf can serve both an aesthetic and functional purpose.

For example, create a “dog run area” using artificial turf to give your pet the feel of the outdoors. Complete the area with some dog toys and a little lounge area for the ultimate pooch paradise.

And if you’re worried about Fido having a little accident on the turf, don’t be. Artificial turf is permeable, allowing urine to drain through. The turf can also be easily cleaned with soap and water.

Image via Design Rulz

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