Research and Development

In the world of synthetic turf, Dr. Phil Stricklen has achieved rock star status.

It’s not just because the soft-spoken University of Arkansas graduate has years of experience with fibers and turf systems, it’s because he runs the largest and most dynamic research laboratory dedicated to synthetic turf in the world.

With testing protocols and procedures that exceed those of even the most stringent independent labs, Shawgrass’s Research and Development Center is at the forefront of advancement in making better performing, safer, and more durable synthetic turf fields. Stricklen and his staff are outside-the- box thinkers who constantly look at new ways to provide better playing surfaces. That dedication and commitment has led to his name being on several patents and his status as a sought-after speaker and presenter at industry events.


The 75,000 square-foot laboratory is the largest and most expansive in the industry. The facility houses a “pilot” experimental manufacturing plant with narrow-width versions of the machines used in our manufacturing facilities. These machines give our R&D team the ability to run initial trials like no one else in the industry can. The equipment in the pilot plant is dedicated to tufting, twisting, texturizing, air entangling, coating and yarn development.

The R&D team also has access to a large turf performance lab featuring all the necessary equipment to test all the performance and durability characteristics that are important to you.

As a result of this commitment to research and development, Shawgrass products are considered the best the industry has to offer and gives customers peace-of-mind in knowing their Synthetic turf installation are state-of-the-art.